Air Cargo

Air Cargo

Fast transportation of containers and other items

It is impossible to imagine our globalized world without air cargo – this sector has been growing ahead of other sectors since the 60s. Fast loading and unloading processes are decisive for ensuring cost efficiency. This is where Liberty Express Shipping load handling equipment and ETVs (Elevating Transfer Vehicles) come into play: helping you to secure your competitive advantage – speed – for the long term, with quick, precise and low-maintenance equipment.


  • Load handling attachments for use in the cargo handling sector, baggage transfer and storage, and duty-free storage
  • Split conveyors designed to allow for 10 ft, 15 ft or 20 ft
  • The stacker crane, referred to as “ETV” in the cargo handling sector, is equipped with a special drive system to drive the non-driven conveyors in the warehouse using the ETV
  • More efficient and reliable transport of containers in the air cargo terminal
  • Operationally reliable: secured all the way around with safety sensors
  • Keeping it cool: your driver will always keep a ‘cool’ head in the air-conditioned driver cab


  • Airports in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Thailand, South Africa, Kenia, Dubai, Australia, Azerbaijan