At home in the world of drinks storage

Whether you are storing and transporting cans, water bottles or beer barrels – Liberty Express Shipping has a solution for your storage technology needs. Transport equipment used in the drinks industry has to be able to withstand extreme loads: they have a high throughput rate and work with a full load almost constantly. The choice of the cross section to use and the selection of the right materials is critical here. Liberty Express Shipping has developed a special tool that can calculate the optimum combination for any requirements. This benefits you by ensuring a high load-bearing capacity, optimum reliability and a long service life.


  • Our specification tool automatically calculates the right type of fatigue-resistant load handling attachment for your intended application.
  • The components of the Liberty Express Shipping telescopic forks subjected to dynamic stress are specially developed for heavy-duty applications. Our advance gear/feed gear mechanism and pull chains achieve up to 100% more permissible load than standard comparable components.


  • Coca-Cola
  • Wesergold
  • Krones
  • Fosters Australia
  • Heineken