Food Stuffs

Food Stuff

Opting for freshness and quality

The handling of foodstuffs and products for the foodstuffs industry poses particular challenges in the area of storage and transportation. In addition to short turnaround times and flexible response to customer requirements, a wide range of standards related to keeping food fresh have to be adhered to: the cool chain must remain unbroken for frozen products and in all sectors, food-safe materials are obligatory, on top of other requirements. Liberty Express Shipping is aware of its responsibilities in this area and plays its part to ensure that you can supply your customers with fresh and healthy foodstuffs.


  • More than 270 items of load handling attachments and 20 stacker cranes are in use worldwide in the foodstuffs industry
  • Area of application of -30° Celsius to +40° Celsius
  • Solutions for all types of foodstuffs: from bananas to dairy products and chocolate to frozen pizza
  • Lubrication using food-safe lubricants
  • Load-carrying parts made from rust-free steel


  • SSI-Schäfer Noell, Witron, TGW, Viastore, LTW, Jungheinrich, Nekos Oy
  • Europe: Edeka, Netto, Carefree, Sainsbury, Edna, Coop, Migros, DM Müller, Reijjk Zwaan, Mercadona,
  • USA: Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Walmart, Tarkett, Excel Beef, Cargill
  • Mexico: La Costena