Made of stronger stuff

When steel and sheet metal are being processed, load handling attachments and stacker cranes have to be able to carry and transport heavy loads. The working conditions in this sector are also extreme: goods at temperatures of up to 700° Celsius, in many cases in an environment with a high level of pollution. We have developed load handling equipment and stacker cranes specifically for this area of application – equipment that offers you a particularly high level of operational reliability thanks to its robust design. Whether you work in a foundry, a mill, in the steel trade or in mechanical engineering, Liberty Express Shipping storage technology has a tailored solution to meet every requirement.


  • Super-heavy load telescopic fork: working loads of up to 40 tons on one tine
  • Highly resistant to bending
  • Telescopic forks with up to 10 tines
  • Advance gear/feed gear mechanism with special covering for applications with a high level of pollution


  • More than 50 telescopic forks and tables in use around the whole world
  • China, Germany, Austria, UK, France
  • Clients: Hydro Aluminium, Agfa, Siemag, Komatsu, CTI-Systems, Tegel Technik, Eisenmann, Siemens, Tiroler Röhrenwerke